Since 1982,we,as a leading manufacturer and exporter of photo & picture frame in Korea, have a good reputation together with quality & price from overseas buyers.
We are specialized in Green Wood, aluminium,brass,wooden pewter frame and polystone including moulder for frame.

As a result of the best for exporting,we were awarded chairman's prize(KITA), the prize of exporting tower in 1995.
We have tried to expand our market to main country and we are currently dealing with buyers of U.S.A, Canada,Japan and Europe.

Especially,there are designs over 5,000 styles and excellent design technique and we can make environmental-friendly resin frame like wooden looking.

If you are interested in our goods, please contact us at anytime.
And then we will do our best for serving you regarding all of needs.

Corporation History : Founded in 1982
Number of Employee : 82 persons


Organization of Employee

  • C.E.O.: Mr. John Park
  • Trade Div.: 5 persons
  • Domestic DIv. : 4 persons
  • Material Div.: 4 persons
  • Technical Div.: 3 persons
  • Planning Div. : 3 persons
  • Design Div.: 3 persons
  • Factory: 60 persons(*Sub factory- 60 places)

Organization of Factory
  • Metal Div.: Tools Div.-Press Div.-Extrusion Div.-Polish Div.-Coating Div.(Lacquer, Urethane & Powder)-Assembly & Packing Div.
  • Plastic Div.: Tools Div.-Extrusion Div.-Coating Div.(Lacquer & Hot stamping)-Assembly & Packing Div.
  • Wooden Div.: Tools Div-Molding Div.-Polish Div.-Coating Div.(Lacquer & Urethane)-Assembly & Packing Div.
  • Tools Div.: Molding Div.
  • Technical and Quality Inspection Div.

Organization of Head Office

  • Trade Div.-Design Div.-Material Div.-Planning Div.-Domestic Div.

Manufacturing System

  • Press Machine(for Metal): 25 sets
  • Coating Machine (for Metal, Wooden, Plastic): 22 sets
  • Polish Machine (for Metal): 2 sets
  • Tools Machine (for Green Wood, Metal) : 6 sets
  • Extrusion Machine (for Aluminum) : 2 sets
  • Extrusion Machine (for Green Wood): 7 sets
  • Packing & Assembly Machines: 17 sets

Production Capacity

  • Metal Div.: Photo Frame 5"×7", 150,000 pcs/monthly
  • Wooden Div.: Photo Frame 5"×7", 80,000 pcs/monthly
  • Green Wood Div.: Photo Frame 5"×7", 350,000 pcs/monthly
  • Moulding Div.: Aluminum 800 ton/monthly
  • Moulding Div : Green Wood 900,000 m/monthly
  • Others: 100,000 pcs/monthly